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Judge Lee Holzman & Attorney Michael Lippman

Justice With No Oversight

By Evie Litwok
December 12, 2011

With news of wrongful convictions and overturning of cases decades old, there is no media demand for oversight of judges and prosecutors. There is increasing evidence many prosecutors obstructed justice ( a crime) by hiding evidence during a trial and committing fraud and perjury by allowing “eye” witnesses to lie.

There are more reasons to investigate every judge and prosecutor than ever before. The New York Post, December 12, 2011, writer Dareh Gregorian reports on the trial of Jude Lee Holzman accused of allowing attorney Michael Lippman to receive excessive fees.

Michael Lippman is on trial for grand larceny and scheming to defraud. He worked for the Bronx public administrator handling estates of people who die without wills.

Government is the problem. Government has always been the problem. It feels overwhelming to change decades of corruption. Judges and prosecutors, who have never been held accountable by anyone for anything, must be forced under a microscope.

If all 65 million people who have been convicted of a crime get organized and if all organizations working toward reforming and changing justice work together under one umbrella, then we will accomplish a great deal. Our organization will serve to help pressure the government to expose bad judges and bad prosecutors. It will also help to lower the number of arrests and to lesson incarceration. We must do this so what happened to us does not happen to others.

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