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The Deadly Case of Anna Brown: Overcriminalizing A Hospital Visit

You too can be arrested if you try to stay at a hospital too long!

By Evie Litwok
March 29, 2012

Anna Brown, a 29 year old black women, went to several hospitals over a three day period complaining of leg pain. At the fourth and final hospital, St. Mary's in St. Louis, MO, they treated her and tried to send her away. Anna Brown would not go because she was in pain. The doctors called police to remove her. Police arrested and charged Anna Brown with "trespassing". Fifteen minutes after arriving at the police station Anna Brown died.

How is it possible for a woman who complained of leg pain and went to 3 different hospitals to get arrested at the fourth, St Mary's, because she demanded her pain be treated?

How is it possible police arrest this same woman for refusing to leave the hospital? Since when is over staying your welcome at a hospital called "trespassing." And why did a doctor agree to sign a document "Fit for confinement" allowing police to remove Anna Brown from the hospital. How is demanding to stay at a hospital a criminal act which could rise to the level of involving the police?

Why would police drag a woman in pain into a police car and add the charge of "suspected drug abuse?" Police added the charge of "suspected drug abuse" because Anna Brown was black, homeless and because they could.

Fifteen minutes after arriving at the police station, Anna Brown died. Her autopsy revealed her death was due to blood clots in her legs which reached her lungs. Not surprisingly, there were no drugs in her system.

The hospitals she went to did not find the "multiple blood clots" and the police assumed a woman in pain was faking. The police and the hospitals should be charged with criminal negligence or manslaughter. They let ANNA BROWN DIE.

Why was a physically sick woman arrested instead of being treated? Why did police arrest a women who showed no intent to do any harm to anyone? Since when are the police able to charge someone entering an emergency room with "trespassing?" Are they nuts or are they doing what the law allows.

The answer is everything can and is being criminalized. This is a terrible example of the worst kind of overcriminization. The police and prosecutors use the 4500 plus laws and 300,000 plus regulations to "charge" the average American with anything that works.

Tens of thousands of average Americans are arrested and classified as criminals by police and prosecutors.This is happening at both the Federal and State level. Criminal laws formerly required "intent" or a guilty state of mind. In today's world, police and prosecutors bypass intent or a guilty state of mind.

Tragically, 2.3 million people are incarcerated with the majority being arrested for actions everyday people do. There is little need to prove intent to prosecute someone. The prisons, federal, state, county and military are filled with people who, like Anna Brown, were charged with a "BOGUS" crime.

How many Anna Brown's have to die before the American public demands the overcriminalizing of Americans be stopped? What will it take to demand Congress review, repeal and remove outdated laws? And what will it take to demand "intent" be proven before a single arrest occurs? In Anna Brown's name, "we the people" demand a law be passed to insist "intention" be necessary to arrest and convict anyone.

Click here to see the tragic video of Anna Brown being mistreated at the hospital by doctors & the police.

Evie Litwok
Ex-Offender Nation

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