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SFF Hazelton


Bruceton Mills, West Virginia

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Medical Care

Most of our medication from medical is put on our commissary. One particular medicine costs $25.00. When you go to medical you are sent to Commissary. Medical will check to see if you have purchased that product from commissary. When you arrive here you receive 2 small bottles of liquid deodorant. One 2 oz bottle of shampoo and 2 paper thin bars of soap. Once you get these it is very hard to get anymore. There is almost no way to get enough to keep yourself clean. There have been so many inmates having seizures and at the time of the seizures there was no medical staff on the premises at all. Most of the time, on nights and weekends, there are no medical staff here. They have to be called in from Mens Maximum Security Prison across the street on a hill.It takes some time to get here. Its' a distance you would have to drive.
Posted by Teresa West on 8/17/2012 12:00:00 AM

Letter dated Aug. 24, 2012 Dear Evie, How are you? I am not sure where to start. I was awaken at 3:30 a.m. this morning by the night constable to get up and get dressed to go to R&D. I left my unit around 3:45 a.m. along with about six other ladies and when I got to R & D I met up with about 28 more ladies from other units we were told that we were going out for a mammogram. I immediately declined because most ladies come back and tell us that the treatment is terrible. They are on a bus with handcuffs and shackles for 10 hours while they take two or three in at a the for their mammograms. On some of the trips they are on the bus 13 hours. They have to use the toilet with handcuffs and shackles, some of the women came back smelling like feces and urine. I declined along with 11 other women. The constables places us in the SHU (Special Housing Unit) in a holding cell with no benches, no toilet and no water for us to drink. Most of the one's that decline have medical problems; diabetes, sickle cell, and I have severe heart trouble, high blood pressure, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and I'm a border line diabetic. I'm a 65 year old woman and should not have to endure this inhumane treatment. We could only be let out to the bathroom every four hours and they didn't want to let us out then. There were several of us on diuretics. One lady urinated on the floor and we called for a CO and he talked to her like a dog, but she couldn't help it. It's 6:00 p.m. on Friday, Aug 24, 2012, I am back in my unit sick as a dog with sore throat and heart palpitations. Being on a cold cement floor for over 10 hours is no good for elderly people thats sickly. The officers didn't do anything the whole time but sit back and chew their tobacco and was constantly spitting in the trash and bottles from the time they got to work in the a.m. till they left in the p.m. Their names were Mr. Crank, Mr. Crummel. Lt Strickland (female) was also very nasty when they did take us to the rest room. She would have them handcuff us. It's so inhumane to treat us this way and to administer draconian punishment to older people who are already sick. We as people do have the right to decline medical treatment whether in or out of prison. Thanks, P. Martin
Posted by paulette martin on 9/13/2012 12:00:00 AM

8.24.12 I along with 11 other ladies were treated very badly because of denying a mammogram. We were placed in a holding cell with no seats, toilet, or water for over 101/2 hours. The officers didn't even want to let us out to use the bathroom. There were a few ladies on diuretics because of existing medical issues. The officers on duty, Mr. Crummel and Mr. Crank talked to us like dogs. We should not be treated this way. All Mr. Frank and Mr. Crummel did was chew tobacco from the time they arrived in the a. to the time we left at 2:15 pm and spit in the trash cans and bottles all day. 71FR27652, tobacco products are prohibited in the BOP period and if something is not done about it, I will pursue this matter further. How can they reprimand us and they are breaking rules, eighty percent of the staff are tobacco addicts and no one is doing anything about it. If something is not done, I am composing a letter to Regent, DOJ and President Barrack Obama. This place is not structured. Sincerely, Karen Crdely 202250068
Posted by Karen Crdely on 9/13/2012 12:00:00 AM

Severe Storm Sandy, Lock Down & Being a Vegetarian How at risk the storm compromised my health Dear Evie, I am a 61 year old female inmate at the Hazelton facility. I have been done 14 months and have 13 years to go. I have never caused any problems and have always treated the staff with the utmost respect. I am a vegetarian and am actually aware of my nutritional requirements and the importance of it. Due to the lack of food choices at Hazelton, I have watched my anemia health issues become a concern once again and I possess a copy of my recent blood test which indicated anemia. My problems with Hazelton started with the snowfall of October 30th. We were locked in our cells and given 1 orange, 1 container of milk ( 9 grams of protein) and 1 piece of pound cake for breakfast. When lunch arrived, I told the officer very politely- that I was a vegetarian and I showed him ( Mr. Tuttle) my blood test as proof. He advised me that all I was getting was a chicken sandwich( which I refused)- again politely. I advised him that food was a right- not a privilege. He said it was not his problem. We continued to be locked in. At dinner, Mr. Tuttle had a "cheese sandwich" for me- which consisted of 1 piece of process cheese on 2 pieces of fake whole wheat bread. A woman of my weight requires a minimum of 65 grams being referred to as "ideal." At most- I had been given 14 grams all to someone who has proven they were anemic. On Oct. 31st, we were again locked down and received the same breakfast. When lunch arrived, I again advised them that I was a Vegetarian and I was advised by them "to take the piece of cheese off the chicken sandwich and eat that for lunch." I showed them my lab report thru the glass window- to my tam leader Ms. Toothman and advised her that all I was given the day before was 1 piece of cheese and 1 container of milk. She walked away after I refused the hamburger and came back 30 minutes later with 2 pieces of cake- she said, "sh" called medical and they said to give me 2 pieces of cake in lieu of the "meat sandwich." O found this to be unbelievable and I refused the 2 pieces of cake. She indicated that "that was all I was getting." When the doors were alter unlocked, I went to the guard's station and advised Mr. Hucklesbee that I was light headed and shaking because all I had eaten in 36 hours was i piece of cheese and a container of milk. He told me that I wan't his problem and I should advise medical and that "in the future I should tell the prison guard that I was a vegetarian." I did "Mr. Tuttle was told"- I advised him and Mr. Hucklesbee repeated "It was not his problem." He later gave me 3 oz. of peanut butter- which equates to 10 grams of protein. Dinner arrived under lockdown- with no meatless meal for me once again. I waited an hour and was finally given 2 pieces of processed cheese( 6 grams of protein). I am sure that the bread they gave me had some slight amount of protein- but for the day- I received 25 grams of protein and the bread wouldn't have made a huge difference. My 2 day TOTAL has been 40 grams of protein- insufficient for a 1 day total- let alone 2 days. If food is a right, why am I dealing with these issues? Surely the Food Administrator had emergency plans ready. Boiled eggs, a cold bean salad, a cottage cheese could have easily been used to supplement the protein supply. Surely a nutritional diet was planned. We were made aware of the storm, several days before it arrived- enough time was provided to stock up on more than 3 pieces of cheese and 3 oz of peanut butter. Am I to believe that in this large complex of thousands of male and female inmates that no one bothers to plan nutritionally balanced emergency meals? Should I readily accept a guard's statement that my meal "isn't their problem" when I 'm locked in my cell? Would someone in the Medical Department REALLY order 2 pieces of cake to replace a meat sandwich? What I do believe, is that the Federal Prison System is now so overcrowded, employees are so overworked and burnt out, they really don't care and are just putting in their time for their pension, and putting people's lives on the line, as a result. Sandra Venetis # 62536050 SFF Hazelton
Posted by sandra venetis on 11/13/2012 12:00:00 AM

Dental Care

But Most of all our Medical and Dental here are horrible. There has been so many Inmates requesting a Medical Records and only get Parts of it, some pages are left Out. It is the pgs with the Problems they have That Our Missing.The Information on the files are In Correct to Cover their Ass. One lady came In and the Dental Dept had her Documented as missing lots of teeth her teeth are Dentures and None Are Missing. On Mine they are pulled not fixed still 9 months later Not Even a Visit to the Dentist No bottom Dentures and a Broken Partial from Eating ROcks in the Cafeteria. The Denture was suppose to be adjusted when I arrived at least that’s what I was told. Never was Now it’s Broken. Its very hard to Eat with only 4 teeth. Mostly its humiliating. We are told to program. It is very hard to do when you Can’t Even Speak Properly from my teeth Broken. Its hard Enough to be Incarcerated, Much less humiliated. They say There is NO Contract with Toothmaker. Many Inmates have teeth missing some have waited 2-5 yrs. to get them Repaired. Some they wont fix at all. My family has made many calls to DOJ and Chief Dentistry over BOP also some of us Inmates wrote Internal Affairs Concerning Medical and Dental.
Posted by Teresa West on 8/19/2012 12:00:00 AM

Food/Dining Hall

My second week here ( after 3 years in county) I was eating in the cafeteria and broke my teeth on a rock that was inside the vegetables. A few months later two more inmates broke theirs also eating vegetables. The menu here is never consistent with what we are actually fed.Our dinner is not enough to fill a small child. There are so many days we don't have silverware, cups and only water is available. Because we are so crowded here, if you don't receive money here is is very hard to survive. I receive $18.00 a month. We just had our pay cut 10% for all inmates. If you owe an FRP( restitution) payment you must pay $25 even three months. That is the minimum payment for some inmates. Most inmates pay more and it is deducted from our pay. It is so very hard to purchase hygiene much less any food.
Posted by Teresa West on 8/17/2012 12:00:00 AM

We are three to a cell and evening food is not enough for a child- cereal and the cereal is 3 years expired. and we get out of date milk sometimes, we are so over crowded.
Posted by Teresa West on 8/17/2012 12:00:00 AM


Prison Clothes

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Incident Reports/Shots

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Bus Stop


This prison lives in the shadow of a Men's Prison. When a problem comes up at the men's prison, the women are locked down and officers have to go to the Mens' prison. There have been so many occasions to where we have had no hot water to bath one time it was the coldest day in winter and we went four days without one of those days it was sixteen degrees Right now it is an ongoing thing to be without hot water because we are so overcrowded We are three to a cell already evening meals are not enough
Posted by Teresa West on 8/17/2012 12:00:00 AM

Strip Search


Correctional Officers

The Computer systems are not kept current on Inmates. I had Pending Charges in another city. They were Dismissed the paperwork was sent to records. Then it was sent to my case MGR- 3 times, and she never put it on the computer. which would have lowered my Points and I could of Possibly gotten into a camp.After Our Case Mgr Went on Maternity leave, we were Issued another one. He took me into the file Room. And Showed me the Dismissal was Received from the City where the charges were, He then told me it Doesn’t get Put on the Computer it is just kept on file. When I asked why he informed me the files were not updated. If the files were updated My Date of Release, could change. I would have lower Points as well.There is NO Structure here at Hazelton.
Posted by Teresa West on 8/19/2012 12:00:00 AM


we are so overcrowded and the reason we are is the warden gets a bonus and every head matters, the more inmates, the more the money. Once the count has taken place and our warden gets his money, lots of people will be shipped out. It is very sad to know the inmates pay a dear price for our warden.
Posted by Teresa West on 8/17/2012 12:00:00 AM

Assistant Warden


Forced Labor


The education department here sucks. They hire teachers who rarely ever enter the classroom. They sit i the offices playing around the computers, while the inmate tutors teach the students. I've been at Hazelton for 51/2 years and tutors have always taught the class. The inmates get paid 12 cents an hour, while people that work commissary get paid $150 a month, and inmates who help educate other inmates get about $18.00 a month. They also throw all students in the same class regardless of their educational level. A person with a 3rd grade education goes in the class with students that have an 11th or 12th grade level. It's all about the head count and using inmates with college degrees etc. to do the work. I have volunteered for over 41/2 years and have been instrumental in quite a few getting a GED and I've never been given a bonus or thank you from the staff. The teachers earn about $55,000 for doing absolutely nothing. I feel so sorry for students with a limited amount of education because its difficult for them when they are not on the level as others Ive spoken to staff and told them they should at least have a basic elementary class, intermediate and advanced, this way the students will feel more comfortable and learn better. Placing students in their education bracket will help them excel, but the staff let it go in one ear and out the other. They could care less. That is why I don't take a job in education, I don't like it and theres' no set curriculum and I make the same amont doing my orderly job as I would make in education with longer hours.
Posted by Paulette Martin on 8/16/2012 12:00:00 AM

Our Education classes summer. When Inmates Arrive they are made( most of them to get a GED- Even though, they have a High School DiplomaThis too is More Money Made for Each GED. Taken Money is Made, we must Buy our own Paper,Pencils and such for the classes if you refuse this GED. We our good time and you receive Disciplinary, I believe you can lead a Horse to water but you can’t make them Drink. There are students still in class 3 yrs. -straight. This Prison is all about the money. Fox-Television has voiced there opinion on Unicore in the prison systems. Inmates cannot survive in this prison Without help from their families. Its Time Inmates help their families-Not the Families helping the Inmates. There is Not Enough Money here to keep yourself clean, and go to school. This Federal Prison Needs Unicore- The Mens Prison has it and Females need it as well.
Posted by Teresa West on 8/19/2012 12:00:00 AM

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